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Last Group Ride Before the Rain


We had another nice late fall day yesterday for a group ride up in the hills southwest of Morgan Hill. The rest of this week is supposed to be rainy so this was good timing. We went on a beautiful ride out to the end of Redwood Retreat Road and back. We ended up having an extra adventure. One of our members left her pack hanging from a sign at Chitactac-Adams park where we had taken a break. She didn’t notice it till we got to the turnaround at Fernwood Cellars at the end of Redwood Retreat, and this was made more urgent by the fact that her wallet was in it. That is a distance of 4.4 miles. Fortunately, I had ridden my e-bike so this was an opportunity to show off “turbo” mode. And the story had a happy ending because the pack was still there.

A Ranch Off Day Road

Regroup at Entrance To Kirigin Cellars

Vineyards at Fernwood Cellars

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