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Pinch-hitting as Ride Leader to Redwood Retreat Road


Our usual ride leader is off on a cruise so I’m pinch-hitting for a couple of weeks. I led a ride out to the end of Redwood Retreat Road and back. When it’s a larger group and some are faster than others, it can be a bit more like being a mother hen making sure no one gets left behind. But there were a total of seven of us of similar riding ability so it made it easy. This is one of my favorite rides, with beautiful scenery and challenging but not too difficult hills.

Heading up Redwood Retreat Road

Some Alpacas at a farm along the way. I called out to them gently to get them to look at the camera but the black one seemed annoyed at me disturbing his lunch and walked away

The vineyards of the Fernwood Cellar winery

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